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A new, cost-free and innovative way to message with your GP and get same-day treatment for the vast majority of common conditions.

Better for people
Text-based, own-pace doctor consultations. Fast, flexible and focused healthcare solutions on the go.

Better for doctors
The freedom to treat more patients from anywhere, while reducing the amount of time spent on administrative work.

Better for society
A streamlined, efficient healthcare system with a focus on shorter waiting times and a more cost-effective allocation of resources.

Please call 111 for urgent medical problems,
or 999 for emergencies.

Free of charge

For UK patients who's surgery has commissioned the Docly service
The freedom to talk to your doctor from anywhere shouldn't come at an extra cost to you. So rest assured, Docly is free to use for all UK residents.
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The future of healthcare is in safe hands — yours

We're here to complement the NHS, not compete with it. Docly gives you the freedom of talking to a doctor quickly, from the comfort of your own home...or wherever else you find yourself. Freeing both you from waiting times and traditional primary healthcare providers from overcrowding and wasted resources.

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How it works

Answer questions about your condition

You describe your condition through a series of questions related to your symptoms and, if required, send a photo taken with your mobile phone.

Talk to your doctor

The doctor contacts you using secure messaging in your account. You can then continue the consultation at your pace — replying when and where it's most convenient. If necessary, the doctor can also schedule a phone or video call.

Receive a diagnosis and treatment

We give you a diagnosis, offer the best advice on suitable treatment and — where needed — send a prescription to you or your pharmacy.

Worldwide, we've taken care of over 400,000 people and counting

We want to make quality healthcare accessible to everyone — from anywhere, easily and with empathy. A new type of healthcare that's in harmony with your daily life. Healthcare that's better for you, better for healthcare professionals and, of course, better for society.
“I'm so impressed with Docly — my waiting time went from 2-3 weeks to being treated digitally on the same day. I was able to receive the help I needed before getting worse.”

Meet the doctors

Dr. Caroline Pilot

Medical Doctor

Willowbrook Medical Centre195 Thurncourt Road, Leicester, LE5 2NL
Dr. Rishabh Prasad

Medical Doctor

Willowbrook Medical Centre195 Thurncourt Road, Leicester, LE5 2NL

When they're not treating you, all our doctors work in hospitals, clinics or their own practices. So rest assured, the care you receive from Docly is equal to the care you receive from your local primary healthcare provider.

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We care that you care

Would you like to know more about how Docly works or have you experienced problems with our service or the care you received? Please don't hesitate to get in touch.
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Please call 111 for urgent medical problems, or 999 for emergencies.
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