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Bye bye burnout

Less stress. More efficiency. Exceptional care.

We want to transform healthcare for patients and clinicans. Our text-based digital consultation tools open up a whole new way for GPs and clinicians to work — allowing them to offer exceptional care to their patients from anywhere, at any time.

The phones have gone quiet. Touch wood it stays like this.

– GP Practice Manager

For a GP practice, having time to care for those who need it most is time well spent. Docly’s suite of text-based online consultation tools and digital clinicians allows patients to get help for the vast majority of common conditions without needing to visit the practice or call to book an appointment.

Docly — the stats


Digital consultations completed using Docly in Sweden and the UK.


Of patients who have had a text-based consultation would do so again.


Of GPs’ consultation time spent actually treating patients when using Docly.


Treatment areas for the vast majority of common conditions.

A more flexible, efficient way to work

GPs can choose to log in, rather than burn out

Appointment-free, text-based consultations allow GPs to work when and where they like — opening up a whole new way to find the ideal work/life balance.

Less time on admin, more time on caring

Pre-consultation and in-consultation tools that gather patient information and minimise the administrative burden — letting GPs focus on helping more patients.

Calmer work-load, calmer staff

Giving patients the power to begin consultations and manage repeat prescriptions online, lets GPs have a more even, healthier workflow.

Second opinions, first-class care

Being able to message other GPs, continuous feedback and peer reviews creates a sense of security, wellbeing, and being part of an engaged community for GPs using Docly.

Join Docly

Care to join Docly?

We are always looking for GPs and clinicians who want to break down the barriers and give everyone access to exceptional healthcare from anywhere, at any time.

New technology and ways to work require new skills, so all Docly clinicians receive comprehensive training to provide the best possible digital care.

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