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How it works

Docly's text-based consultations make it extremely easy for you to message with a local GP and get help for the vast majority of common conditions — without the need for an appointment. We work with your GP practice and are a service provider to the NHS.

1. Select what you want help with and log in

First, choose the condition you'd like to receive help for. You will also have the option to renew an existing prescription. If you're using Docly for the first time, you'll also need to create an account.

2. Choose your local GP surgery

We'll ask you to confirm the name of your local clinic. At launch, Docly is only available to patients of a select number of clinics in the Leicester area.

3. Answer questions about your condition

You describe your condition through a series of questions related to your symptoms and, if required, send a photo taken with your mobile phone.

4. Talk to your doctor, receive a diagnosis and treatment

Your doctor contacts you using secure messaging in your docly.uk account and you continue your consultation when and where it suits you. They give you a diagnosis, offer the best advice on suitable treatment and — where needed — send a prescription to you or your pharmacy.

“I'm so impressed with Docly — my waiting time went from 2-3 weeks to being treated digitally on the same day. I was able to receive the help I needed before getting worse.”

We care that you care

Would you like to know more about how Docly works or have you experienced problems with our service or the care you recieved? Please don't hesitate to get in touch.

Docly support

Please call 111 for urgent medical problems, or 999 for emergencies.

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