Registration Form

This is a long form, it may be useful to have to hand:

  • NHS Number (if you have one)
  • Address of your previous doctors surgery (if you have one)
  • Date you arrived in the UK (if you weren’t born in the UK)
  • Your EHIC Card or PRC (If you do not ordinarily live in the UK and have one of these)
  • Your Armed Forces personnel number and start date (If you served in the Armed Forces)
  • Scanned copies or photos of a photo ID (eg Passport/Driving License) and proof of Address (e.g. utility bill dated in the last 3 months) to upload in this form.

Before you register:

  • If you are registering a child, remember to bring in their red book on first presentation to the practice!
  • If you are registering a child, remember that at least one of the Parents or main carers must also be registered with the practice.
  • Please note: You can only be registered with one GP practice. If you register with us, you will be de-registered from your current GP practice.